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Our Model

A Vehicle For Scaling & Learning

We scale messages that work. We find programs that have rigorous academic evidence -- usually from randomized trials -- showing impact. We then unpack the Theory of Change behind these proven programs, make the campaign culturally and locally relevant, personify results into curricula and training packages and then scale those programs massively to students throughout Southern Africa. We're not in the business of feeling good, we're in the business of doing good. Once we scale proven programs, we ensure we keep learning, by serving as a vehicle for for future research, such as randomized field trials. We don't prioritize what's sexy, we prioritize what works.


An Amazing, Qualified & Youthful Team

We deliver programs by youth for youth. It is not enough for proven messages to exist and be delivered. They have be delivered right. To this end, Youth Impact deploys an army of youthful, energetic local facilitators.  This approach ensures that when our messages are delivered, they are heard, credible, listened to, internalized and remembered. Our target audience is youth, the future. We believe when it comes to sexual health, youth need to be reached out to by youth. Our delivery approach ensures that our proven messages have maximum traction and impact.


First Priority On Health & Education

Sexual health and education connect our first two pillars: evidence-based messaging and by youth, for youth delivery. Our first program was a simple 1-hour "sugar daddy" awareness class shown to reduce pregnancy -- an objective proxy for unprotected sex and HIV transmission - by 28% in one year. Check out the evidence here. Our second program, Teaching at the Right Level, is a basic numeracy and literacy intervention which reorients the classroom to be learner rather than teacher-centered. We are piloting the interventions throughout Botswana with our youthful, engaging facilitators to ensure that our evidence-based programs. 


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