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People & Talent Officer

Youth Impact’s mission is to connect youth to proven life-saving information. Our vision is to enable over 1 million youth to thrive through delivery of multiple evidence-based programs. We are at an inflection point in our growth: we have over 240 staff, three programs in health and education, a cumulative reach of nearly 100,000 youth in 10 countries, with programs in 40% of primary schools in Botswana. Our culture is unique: we are always learning, have a dynamic, youthful team, a fierce commitment to measurement and evidence, and work hand-in-hand with the government. On a given day our leaders will sing and dance, negotiate MOUs, and spend dedicated time with the field team in schools.


Primary Purpose

The People and Talent team is the heart and pulse of the organisation. We believe that when each team member grows, the organisation thrives. It requires an individual who is highly motivated, create, organised and can work on multiple functions. The individual must have a high calibre of compassion, respect and trust. It is a role that requires one to play a key role in the day-to-day operations, administration and maintenance of the department. 


Primary Responsibilities

  • Support carrying out programmatic strategy: Contribute to the execution of a scale strategy, work plans and milestones.

  • Partnership management. Liaise with and maintain healthy working relations with local programmatic stakeholders including government partners, CSOs, NGOs, academics, etc.

  • Grant applications and reporting. Key contributor to grant applications, funder milestone reports and program related reporting.

  • Document and codify program related strategy, decisions, procedures, best practices and protocols.

  • Support departments and individuals to execute program activities with timeliness and quality, providing troubleshooting guidance when necessary.

  • Develop and iterate on field logistics plans and execute with field teams.

  • Support Program Manager to deliver on program vision and strategy internally and externally.

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelors’ or Masters’ degree.

  • 3-5 years’ experience in project, partnerships and stakeholder and management.

  • Proven ability to manage projects, teams, problem solve and build and maintain relationships in a diverse environment.

  • Ability to build systems and create structure from the ground up in addition to nurturing and innovating on existing systems.

  • Self-starter who is proactive, organized and can propose effective solutions to complex problems, ideate and innovate.

  • Strong people and communication skills.

  • Adaptive, positive, resilient and a person who can get tough things done with a positive attitude.

  • Willingness to learn, ability to balance having a strong set of skills and track record with an openness to feedback, learning, growth and collaboration among colleagues.

  • Embodies Youth Impact’s values and commitment to the youth, evidence and scale.

Desired Qualifications

  • Adaptability, motivation and ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment- The role can be demanding and, at times, subject to external pressures for timely completion.

  • The candidate must be adaptive, creative, organized, and highly motivated.

  • Ability to create “structure out of nothing:” strong ability to turn a visual reality or imagined outcome into a codified set of steps, actions, and goals on paper, and to execute those steps.

  • Self-starter: the individual should be a highly motivated and driven self-starter who can push for the delivery of activities in a fast-paced environment, seeking clarity when needed

  • Experience with programming surveys in SurveyCTO or similar software

Time Period: 3- year contract with potential for extension pending performance.

Location: Gaborone, Botswana (10% travel expected).

Deadline: Position will remain open until filled and applications reviewed on a rolling basis.


Benefits include generous annual leave, sick leave,(including global health insurance provisions), various stipends, professional development opportunities, the possibility to work remotely, access to our amazing global networks, and much more.

Fill in the following form to apply.

Section A: Background Information
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Section B: General (250 words max for each)

Section C: Practical Assessment

1. Botswana legislation requires monitoring of annual leave, year on year consecutively for a specified period of time with only a set number brought forward per annum, and forfeiture of any remaining days.

Using the data linked at, your knowledge of Excel and Botswana annual leave legislation, design a template to effectively monitor this for a team of 65 with varying start dates and leave balances.

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2. The department is looking to implement an employee management system with functionality to digitise the full employee life cycle for a global team of over 100 employees.

Share a summary of information People and Talent would need to provide for set-up when implementing the employee management system.

3. A research team of 4 global delegates is planning to travel to Botswana for a period of 2 weeks for programmatic observations and require work and residence permit support. From the team, 2 are from Nigeria and the Philippines. *

Provide a recommendation of permits they should apply for and the process they should follow in order to acquire the relevant documents and how you as the People and Talent Officer can support. You may use diagrams to illustrate your response.

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4. While monitoring the trend on the utilization of the Professional Development stipend, you notice that the uptake of the benefit over the last 12 months has been below the 50% threshold. Employee survey results also suggest that team members feel they do not receive the learning and training they need to improve their skills and abilities. *

As the People and Talent Officer, you are required to contribute to business decisions by making research-based recommendations. Share a presentation to the management group with a diagnosis and a proposal of 3 recommendations on actions that can be taken to increase uptake of the stipend benefit and also improve learning and skills development amongst the team.

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5. Select 2 Youth Impact values and record a 1-minute video explaining how you demonstrate these (with examples) on a day-to-day basis. *

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Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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