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Kicking off our new blog with Young 1ove supporter Gorata Ranama…

"Education is the key to overcoming the epidemic that has engulfed our country and that starts with youths. I support the Sugar Daddy initiative as the approach is modeled perfectly for youths, delivered by young people who understand. Only when youths take on board the risks behind it can they make positive changes to their lives. I truly believe in the potential held by the youth of our country and that can only come when there are no restrictions on their health standing in their way."

Lost…But Never Found: Testimony of an Ex-sugar Addict

I was never to see it again For it was gone and laid to rest On that day when our fingers met And bought pulses of life From the maker to One rhythm... Tempos held in the waltz Temporarily Making shapes in skins, While slower than idle snail Words were whispered And on that day...

On that day it fled Ran away as it felt smaller Then infinitesimal The irrelevant. Its feelings with high frequencies ignored As I thought it made me even more flawed.

Then I ran to one clothed in adoration and care Who'd take us where He'd feed the darkness While he held me In his palms coarse caresses. Honestly. Those pricked my skin Like colds ashes of winter veld fires Falling from an impatient sky, Landing on all the wrong places... His tones would come on stilts for balance Covering up the stumps of doubt, the pained shouts They'd send running back down my throat.

See it couldn't bare to share Or be kept as a pedestal for my ego That was out hiding somewhere.

He snatched it away While I gladly gave it away Like a father to a groom. I gave my one truest possession To the author of my confession, With everything he gave in its place Substitution Equivalence of exchange Like silk for lace. So I lost it. Not my sanity Fortunately, But my dearest purity. It up and left And now caged for eternity As time's hands were stern With no mercy On my purity’s return.

It was defiled by a hunter after my being, Me being the unfortunate prey Of the epitome of pervert, For his anatomy was clothed in a demeaning state And when all was said and done It was forever lost And never to be found.

By Gorata Ranama

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