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Your generosity. Your choice. Your impact.

Thank you for supporting Youth Impact.  We deliver maximum return on your investment by rigorously testing our programs to deliver the highest impact at the lowest cost. Please click on a box below to direct your gift to a specific program, or to “where it’s needed most.”


$34 catches a student up to grade level in math

$30 helps 5 students know the HIV risk of older partners

$20 delivers math tutoring by phone to one student

To help us quickly respond to new challenges

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I was looking for an education organization whose work I had full faith in. I've been impressed by Youth Impact's commitment to evidence and measurement while also being responsive to conditions and being flexible and adapting to what's needed most. I'm happy to be able to support you. 

- Jeff Mosenkis, United States

I realized the education can be used as a yardstick to apply and transfer knowledge within youth. Hence, it really feels good to be able to contribute to change-making.

- Mabora Thupana, Botswana





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