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Our Values

Values embody the core beliefs and culture of an organization. We recently revamped our values and are excited to share them with you. This is how we do what we do, and the fiber that will enable us to reach over 1 million youth with life-changing evidence based health and education programs.

We’ve worked hard to embed these values into our organizational DNA. Below we share behaviors that we intentionally commit to in order to embody each value every day.

Youth First

“Everything we do is by the youth for the youth. We listen to and put young people first in all that we do”

We have vibrant and youthful staff. We welcome new team members, friends and partners to the office with song and dance. We listen carefully to the young people we serve. When faced with a challenge or trade-off, our guiding principle is “will it benefit young people?”


“We don’t aim to feel good, we aim to do good - a commitment to evidence and reflection”

Our starting point is evidence. We don’t reinvent the wheel -- we design programs based on decades of effort and evidence. We relentlessly and continually test our programs, adapting and refining them each step of the way. We love feedback and reflection. After every field visit or event, we debrief, celebrate and chart action items for growth with the entire team. We have set up structures to hold ourselves accountable, including an Advisory Forum to ensure we align to national policies and priorities.

Greatest Good

“We aim to do the most good we can possibly do. We optimise for the greatest net impact for the greatest number of people”

We believe in the power of collaboration, and cherish every partnership. We strive for cost-effectiveness and design for scale at the outset to enable us to reach millions of youth with life-changing programs.


“We relentlessly do and value outcomes over inputs”

For us, it’s not about engaging in an activity, it’s about producing a meaningful outcome. We have a bias towards action. When faced with a tough call, we try, test, fail, and move forward. We are guided by a sense of pragmatism, connecting ideas with execution. We cultivate a culture that moves quickly from identifying challenges to driving solutions.


“We work hard, and our work is hard - staying optimistic and unabashedly positive (+) is paramount, along with a focus on adding value and growth”

We commit to optimism, positivity and going the extra mile. Positivity is modeled at all levels: an open and vibrant office space, wellness programs, and celebrating each other at every opportunity, including birthdays and monthly young 1overs of the month celebrations. We also aim to add (+) value and constantly grow to become a youth and evidence movement for the ages.

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