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We are a grassroots, youth-led, evidence-based movement based in Botswana. We identify, adapt and scale-up health and education programs, by young people for young people.

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Our Pandemic Response


We ran a rapid randomized trial and produced some of the world's first experimental evidence during the pandemic to limit learning loss, reducing innumeracy by 31 percent. Read the academic paper below. We are now launching 3-5 replication trials globally. We also have an ongoing trial in adolescent sexual and reproductive health during the pandemic, and launched a suite of national radio programs. We have been building state-of-the-art M&E systems which can generate rapid, rigorous and policy-relevant evidence for years. During the pandemic, these systems proved critical.

Our Programs

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Zones is an innovative, evidence-based 90-minute class delivered in government schools by peer educators. The program reveals the unknown risks of older partners and encourages youth to safely date each other instead of older partners. 

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Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) is a cost-effective remedial education program. TaRL is proven to improve basic numeracy and literacy skills in early primary years through learner-centered materials tailored to students' current competency levels.

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ConnectEd is a remote, low-tech education program which delivers simple maths tutorials by phone and SMS/text. Tested in several countries around the world, ConnectEd has been shown to reduce innumeracy by up to 31% for enrolled children.


Our Reach

Since 2014, 200,000+ youth reached with life-changing information. Millions more to go!


youth served!

Our Partners

"Stand Up" by Han - C (Offiical Music Video)

A collaboration video with Youth Impact.

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