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Big news! Same mission, but with a new name and logo



Today is a special day. On March 22nd, exactly eight years ago, our organization was born at the University of Botswana. Today, we are thrilled to announce another momentous launch. We have a new name: Youth Impact.

Our new name celebrates youth: everything we do is to enable youth to thrive. We’ve reached over 100,000 youth and are rocketing towards one million.

Our new name also reflects our commitment to impact. This was embodied in our COVID-19 response: we generated some of the world’s first experimental evidence on distance education. And we now conduct monthly rapid randomized trials to identify and scale-up the most cost-effective programming.

Over the past eight years, we have grown from implementing one health program to multiple programs in both health and education. We have expanded our reach from one country to eight and built strong partnerships with researchers, implementing organizations, and governments.

While our name has changed, our mission is the same: connecting youth to proven life-changing information. Our new name now captures this mission fully. As one senior government partner recently said, “Become who you are.”


As Youth Impact, we are embracing a name that fully captures our mission.


Our new visual identity also reflects our mission. The words youth and impact come together seamlessly. When they fuse together they form a thriving young person. The fusion of youth and impact also produces a checkmark – reflecting our commitment to deliver – and a data point, reflecting our commitment to deliver results. The green captures our youthful vitality and growth. It is the same green we had in our initial Young 1ove logo; as such, it reminds us where we have come from and what we have accomplished with our partners. The midnight blue conveys boldness in our commitment to lasting impact.

Thank you for being on this journey with us. And please spread the word! The Youth Impact movement is just getting started.


Noam & Moitshepi

Co-Founders of Youth Impact

p.s. Check out this video from our partners and champions on our new name!


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